Pringles, teacher in a can!

In my last semester in high school, I found out that I would not graduate on time with my classmates. In order for me to complete my diploma in the same year, I would have to attend summer school. Two weeks after classes ended in public school, I started my summer school class; Algebra 2. My teacher was a lady by the name of Mrs. Pringle. She was a short  in stature and was originally from North Carolina with a "islander" accent. 
Every day that I had that class, I was a little reluctant to attending that course. I would miss a day here and there but not enough to put me in jeopardy of failing the course. About two weeks out from the end of the class, Mrs. Pringle addresses me in front of the entire class. "Terry, you are not going to pass my class, and you are not going to graduate!" According to her grade book,  if I missed one more day, I would fail her class. I took that statement as a challenge. From that day, I made it my goal to be there every time the class was available and passed the class with a "B".
Although I have had many teachers and instructors in my educational background, Mrs. Pringle was the most effective of them all. In the course that was only 30 days long, she challenged me to be better and I a truly grateful that she did.


Nakie W.

Experienced College Tutor in All Gen Ed and Intro Degree Level

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