NCLEX- Repeat Test Takers

If you are repeating your exam it is  a good idea to reach out to a tutor who can help to better prepare you to retake your test. I always ask my students what they think is the reason/s that they are unable to pass the exam.  Many of them are very much aware of the areas that are problematic. Here are some tips for those who are repeating the exam:
  • Nursing knowledge - You must have a good grasp of  Nursing content- This is a textbook exam
  • Study time- You should devote at least 4 solid hours a day to studying in divided periods of about 1 hr
  • Rationales - Find rationales for the answers that you are giving to each question
  • Guessing - Do not practice guessing of the answers - elimination of options - yes
  • Build your knowledge - After selecting the right answer - also review the other options given and try to determine why they were not the correct answer for that question.
  • Know your basic lab values and the conditions to which they are related e.g. creatinine is a determining value in kidney disease
  • Drugs - Broad classification of drugs and side effects as applies to each system
  • Anatomy and physiology - a good grasp of A&P, pathophysiology and body positions
  • Anxiety/stress - practice anxiety and stress reducing techniques
  • Be confident - Be focused - Be patient - strong


Happy Exam
Dr. Harriette


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