Why Online Learning with Educator David S.?

What are the benefits of a great online learning program with a qualified educator?

• Collaboration: As an instructor, I can now display documents in real time
• Global: Conduct a meeting anywhere, at any time
• Total Interaction: Interact with all participants in a well-constructed online meeting room
• Control: Control can be passed to any participant that would like to conduct their own workshop or seminar, allowing the presenter to guide the navigation
• Chat: Send chat messages to all participants or another instructor
• Share Software Info Our program allows the instructor to demonstrate and share control of any software application with others in an interactive meeting
• Document Access Instructors provide access to documents, PDF files, slides and other resources
• Support Friendly and knowledgeable support from a qualified educator.
• Password Protection Offers password protection and encryption to protect sensitive data


David S.

Spoonful of Knowledge Learning System

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