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The Importance of Learning Critical Languages
Make yourself unique in whatever subject matter you pursue. Today, we will talk about languages that will land you a job much faster than you think.  

The Problem:
Americans need to clearly recognize that there is a deficiency of critical spoken languages in the U.S. The United States government has acknowledged that it seeks efforts to expand the number of Americans studying and mastering critical need foreign languages.

In order to considerably diminish this debilitating problem, Americans need a strong network of critical language communicators that can quickly and efficiently bring defined segments of the nation up to speed in speaking critical languages.

Americans should take the initiative to study, learn and master such languages using educational institutions, live human-interactive and intensive critical language instruction via the internet as well as other means to comprehend different languages.

Some of the critical languages that should be considered:

If you really want to understand and participate in what is termed “Globalism”, then it is imperative to speak a “Critical Language.” There are many languages out there to choose from you might say? 

A critical language is a language that the United States government deems to be in high demand for cultural collaboration and assimilation. Many wars, trading, diplomacy and relations are taking place in South East Asia and conflict zones in the Middle East. In 2007, the U.S. State Department had 30,000+ employees, and only 28 of them speak Farsi. It is 2013 now, and not much has changed.

Farsi for instance, is a language spoken in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Iran, parts of Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China. This is wide range, but approximately 100 million people speak the language. The State Department would love to have people that are Americans who can communicate with other cultures for trade, diplomacy and the gathering of intelligence. They could be used in the government such as the FBI, CIA, State Department, UN among other entities public and private. Every American should be ready for a call to assist their government and perhaps make extra money on the side in the private sector.

For instance, President Obama informed Americans that in order to fight terrorism, troops will need to go to Afghanistan and fight for some time; bringing them up to speed in a critical language is important. Unfortunately, many soldiers are entering territories where they must depend on local natives of the country to supply them with intelligence and different communication aspects just to remain safe from enemy fire. However, it is very dangerous to try to always trust people who may live in the conflict region, but those who may appear friendly and are nothing more than traitors, compromise the efforts of many soldiers. These same soldiers may find themselves in compromising positions or perhaps killed.

Not just Farsi, but Pashto, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Swahili, Arabic among others that are languages that the United States deems critical. The money is out there for consultants, businessmen and women and travelers alike. Many people still have the mindset that people should learn to speak English.

Well, for people that understand the concept of re-inventing themselves, learning a Global language other than Spanish, French or German can bring you a long way. The languages I just mentioned are what can be considered common-place languages. The government and private industry can find people that can speak Spanish, French or German with little difficulty. The same is not so for critical languages.

You can make a difference in your life, as well as help our government make a difference in the world. If you have thoughts or comments, let me know.


David S.

Spoonful of Knowledge Learning System

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