New to WyzAnt

As a new tutor to Wyzant I see many positive possibilities to come from this tutoring resource opportunity. As an employed tutor of Mid-South Community College, I tutor students from a vast variety of backgrounds and makeups on a daily basis. With that being said, I am versatile, people person with a passion for helping students. I would not have joined Wyzant if I didn't love my job as a tutor already, I am just excited about the possibility of meeting new students to help reach their learning goals! As an assistant basketball coach at MSCC, I see that in the sport the most important event is not the event itself, it is the reaction of the player. In the classroom or tutoring setting, it is no different. My main goal as a tutor is to build student confidence, so when they encounter adversity (can't solve a problem, keep getting wrong answer, etc.) they react with a smooth and confident demeanor and avoid frustration and destructive self-criticism.


Jessica G.

Math/Science/ACT Tutor

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