The Little Black Book

One of the best language learning secrets I learned from my college Spanish professor was to keep a "Little Black Book" or a LBB.  It sounds like fun, right?  The LBB was a pocket sized note pad that I took everywhere to record new Spanish vocabulary when I was an international student in Salamanca, Spain. Learning new words and phrases made all of the difference when understanding and speaking Spanish.   

The Technique
  • Record

                    Anytime that I came across a Spanish word that I didn't know, I wrote it in the LBB.

  • Define
               I looked up new words in a Spanish/English dictionary and recorded the definitions in my LBB.
  • Memorize
                To master these new concepts, I read through the pages and memorized the words.
  • Speak
               To integrate the new words into my working vocabulary, I tried them out in conversations.
The Benefits
  • To have a personal record of vocabulary that you want to learn.


  •  You create a memory of where and how you learned the word.  When you recall the word in the future, you will have a vivid memory of the situation when you needed the definition.
This technique was amazing help to fill in the gaps of my Spanish vocabulary enabling me to communicate more effectively.  How can the LBB to improve your Spanish knowledge?


Peggy C.

Conversational Spanish Language Tutor

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