Ho, Ho, Humbug?? - Tutoring During the Holidays

The holidays are almost upon us - school will be out soon -
and parents and students are looking at a 2-4 week hiatus from the regular
routine of school work. 

What happens to all of the knowledge and skills learned from
school and tutoring during those weeks?

Well, having been a high school principal for years, as well
as a classroom teacher, my experience is that students often will not read on
their own, review math on their own, or if in an AP class "read
ahead" on their own.  If you have tutors in the educational
profession, we also have that time off and our lesson times can be flexible -
so instead of all of those late afternoon, early evening, or weekend
appointments, most of us can now meet with our students in the morning or

So, what would your student gain from tutoring in the winter

1.  Weekly reinforcement of knowledge and skills  already learned in the first semester of school. 

  • "If kids are excelling in school, they don't want to fizzle out now, and if they've been struggling … now [is] the time that they really need to step up to the plate," says Jennifer Bernstein, a professor at Le Moyne College and founder of Get Yourself Into College, which guides students through the college application process.  Tutoring during the holidays can provide this type of coaching.

2.  Self-esteem keeps growing
  • Tutoring without the pressure of school is where real and honest learning has a
chance to take place.  Tutors can emphasize your child or student’s strengths, and be specific whenever
possible. Assignments can be creative – “out-of-the-box” – so they incorporate the spirit of the season and your child or student’s passion.  When your child feels a sense of accomplishment and pride in his or her ability to do something, she or he has more confidence to persevere when facing challenges when school resumes for the 2nd semester.


3.  Fear of the“unknown” in 2nd semester classes can be minimized.

  • “Will it all be the same when I return,” asks the child or student.  “Will I still feel that I know less than
everyone else?” OR….”Will I be able to keep up my A average in that class?”
  • Any of these questions are inside each of your students – your children – and the
best way to minimize the fear is to get it out verbally and attendtutoring during the holidays so tutors can encourage known skills, createlessons to develop new skills – can address the “fear factor.”

So, “bah-humbug”???????   No!  Without tutoring during the holidays, the “bah-humbug” spirit will  haunt your student as the 2nd semester grows closer and the “fears” begin to build.  Let’s do something about
that together and continue your child's education during the holidays!

Marion P., M.A.
English, College Counseling, Study Skills


Marion P.

Experienced English/Writing Tutor: Middle, High School, College

100+ hours
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