Halloween is past, can you see the law school final freight train headed your way?

For Freshlaws (first year law students) the flood of information and mind altering Socratic method classroom discussions often result in an overwhelming feeling of concern as Halloween passes and finals loom in a month or so. Law school finals are like nothing most students experience in undergrad because they are often all or nothing and the resulting grades have such a massive effect on career choices. With the best law firms aiming at the top ten percent of law students by GPA and internships starting after first year, each exam carries enormous weight.
So, in November law students must refine their studying to bring tremendous focus to upcoming exams. The time has come to bring outlines up-to-date and edit them. Review the other students in your study group to cut out slackers and focus on those with the same intense drive. If you feel weak in any subject, it is time to consider seeking out a tutor to give you the one on one advantage that is not available in a lecture hall.
Most importantly, shape your world to optimize your chances. Create a study schedule that regularly covers material from each class and stick to it. Include family time in the schedule to maintain your perspective and ensure your loved ones understand this intense time. Circadian rhythms really do matter, so set a regular bed time that includes enough sleep EVERY day - your brain consolidates learning when you are asleep. Sitting is the new smoking. Make yourself move every day. The extreme atmosphere of law school seems to preclude these matters, but having a plan to include sleep, good nutrition, and exercise will improve your ability to be the gunner in your class.


Thomas T.

Experienced Law Professor|UT BA & JD

200+ hours
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