LSAT preparation: interaction in tutoring a key to success.

Students preparing for the LSAT have a variety of resources available, including prep courses, books, and on-line materials. Only one resource - one on one tutoring - provides the most valuable aspect of LSAT preparation: the back and forth interaction that assists students in learning not only which answers are correct, but also why each answer choice is right or wrong.
The LSAT consists of three types of questions - reading comprehension, logic games (analytical reasoning,) and logical reasoning. With no penalty for guessing, the LSAT rewards students when they may not know the right answer, but can improve their odds by eliminating wrong ones. Unlike larger classes and self-study materials, tutors can focus on the student's understanding of the material one question at a time and at the student's own pace. A good tutor can also help a student identify strengths and weaknesses.
The LSAT is designed with Logical Reasoning questions being half of the the exam. Often questions in this section ask for the "best" answer among several that are "sort of" correct.  Working with a tutor, a student can learn to eliminate the easy kill answers and focus on the couple of choices left - improving odds of success. So, when considering the ideal method of preparation, consider mixing in time with a LSAT tutor.


Thomas T.

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