Questions you should ALWAYS ask of your tutors (Paraphrased from The National Tutoring Association)

1. Which tutor has the best credentials for the services that I am looking for? 
       a. Can the tutor present information successfully?
       b. Does the tutor understand how to provide high-quality educational services to the student, the parents, or the educational system as a whole? 
       c. How does the tutor define their role in the student's overall academic success?
       d. Does the tutor stay current with innovative methods and strategies of instruction?
       e. Does the tutor belong to any professional associations?
       f. How long has the tutor been teaching?
       g. How many students does the tutor currently have?

2. How will the tutor conduct an initial assessment of your student's academic needs and challenges? 
      a. How will success be measured?
      b. How will feedback be provided?

3. Does the tutor respect their student's personal space?
        a. Did the tutor pass their background check?
                 i. If so, how long ago?
                 ii. If not, are you sure you want to hire them? 

4. When/where will the tutor meet your student?


Thanks for this post it is very  helpful.  I am a tutor and and experienced classroom teacher.  These are
questions that educators should continually ask themselves to make sure they are maximizing their potential.


James W.

Physics and Mathematics Tutor

50+ hours
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