Integrated Chinese Audio Lv1 Pt1

Wayne State University has posted the audio of both the textbook and workbook on this website. You can find the workbook audio if you scroll down.
I like these recordings because they're so short and slow. You can download them on your phone and listen to the pinyin pronunciation and dialogues again and again. Learning the dialogues is like learning a new song. Before you know it, you've already known the music by heart!


Hello lovely Tianlu,
I bought the Integrated Chinese (simplified) books over the internet from Spain in Europe and I am finding it difficult to find a source of download for the audio, the link above doesn't work and I was wondering if you know of any other source by chance?
My facebook is Erick Multimedia can PM me in there if necessary
thanks so much for your time
kind regards,
Hi Erick,
Thanks for the comment. I'm afraid the website pulled down the material recently. You may have to purchase the CDs now. Amazon carries them.
Hope this helps!


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