Writing Tip: Embrace Your Readers

As a writer, the way I embrace my audience depends on the piece I am
writing. So, if I am writing non-fiction, my tone is usually serious
because my readers are looking for facts. On the other hand, if I am
working on a fictional story, my purpose is to entertain my readers.
Audiences and readers expect to be informed or entertained. It is the
task of the writer to oblige those expectations.

I find that if you write with a clear purpose in mind, then it is easier to
convey the theme or mood of the writing. Audiences are usually very
bright and can tell if a writing has no direction. To embrace mine, I
always plan out my writings, giving them definite beginnings and strong

Blogs are a little different. They are streams of the writer's
consciousness. They may be factual or fictional, but they are usually
less structured and free-flowing forms of online media content. To
embrace online blog readers, one must write crisply, eliminating fluff,
and getting to the point quickly. Because online reading is fast-paced
according to the Internet medium, audiences like to scan so that
they can chunk or gather bits of information.

Take all this into consideration when writing everything from reports
and articles to stories and blog posts. Making one's readers satisfied, if not
happy, should be a reason to write anything well in the Information Age.
And, above all, embrace them and bring a little of your world into theirs.


Cirrelia T.

Innovative, Dynamic Instructor of English, math, science, and writing

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