Keep your kids interested in math through engagement? How? Read on..

Mathbreakers, it's a 3D first person shooter game, based on math. Really. I may be considered biased, because this video game is the product of the company I work for. But then again, I really believe in this product, that's why I started working for this company.
You may have heard that video games are good for everyone (yeah that includes adults like me and you, not just children!). For those of you who don't know that yet, please do some research online, it has been a subject of various scientific studies, and has proven results!
And these studies are for games that never had the intent to "teach"! There is another class of games, which are specifically for learning. Mathbreakers is one of them, it's a world where players can smash, chop, and combine numbers with a variety of tools and gadgets. There are number monsters, spatial logic puzzles, math spells and magical structures — it’s an infinite playground, where anything is possible. No, you are not solving cookie cutter worksheet questions.
This game is not just about one piece of mathematics. It’s a world where all of mathematics fits together. The different layers, such as addition, multiplication, powers, and functions, build on top of each other, so that the higher-level interactions include the foundations. Each level is fully integrated with the one before it — and as players progress to higher levels, the lower levels are continuously reinforced. This approach opens the doors for Calculus or higher-level mathematics to be done at the same time and setting as basic, but essential, math skills.
We have big dreams for what is possible in the Mathbreakers world, but that can’t begin to compare to the imagination of children — so we’re building a highly customizable editor for them! Soon, kids around the world will be able to build their own gadgets, monsters, and levels to share with each other. We've set the stage, and provided a few toys to get started, and we are eager to see what others come up with.

We’ve already heard ideas for a negative boomerang, a subtraction scythe, a Calculus football field, and something called the Function-ater. We’re not sure how those will work, but it’s okay — because of the way we designed every block to fit together, no matter what they create, it will definitely work with everything else within Mathbreakers.
Will kids actually play the game? The proof is in the pudding. We’ve tested this game with over 400 students, including several San Francisco Bay Area schools: St. Andrew’s School, Synapse School, Monticello Academy and St. Joseph School, as well as children’s tech events like Coder Dojo and Hack the Future. The response has been stellar! Parents have told us their kids won’t stop playing at home, and in some cases will even get up early and do chores so that they can play Mathbreakers!
Higher levels of math learning leads to higher career success rates.. Mathbreakers can keep your kids interested in math, save their future! ;-)


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