About Cats and Dogs, Where Do They Go When They Die?

Of all the animals in the world, dogs and cats are the most revered. Dating back longer than this old man can remember they have been beloved in every country with a large majority considering them family members. Living as long as 25 years, it is easy to understand the long term relationship we develop with our pets.

How much do we really love these little fur balls, we spend about $16 billion per year on pet food, toys, grooming, and we spend about 20 billion in Veterinary bills alone for everything from shots to pacemakers. Actually, if it happens to us, it happens to our pets. Based on these numbers, I am not sure who gets the best care.

There are approximately 78.2 million owned dogs in the United States; there are approximately 86.4 million owned cats. That is about the same number of America's uninsured by health care. I wonder if Obamacare is repealed, could there be a compromise to keep the President happy by converting Obamacare to pets. Oops, sorry, I take that back, our pets deserve better care than that offered by Obamacare.

The downside to caring for our pets is the enormous amount of animals that must be euthanized each year. We hear daily of cases of animal abuse that are shocking and incomprehensible. Our laws provide little justice for these abused animals and the perpetrator's usually walk with a small fine, and for shame, they lose the animal to the shelter where if they cannot be adopted, they add to the number euthanized. Laws requiring all dogs and cats, except registered breeds, should enforce spaying and neutering. Animal abusers should pay heavy fines of $5000.00, pay all veterinary fees, court costs to prosecute, and any other fees associated with taking care of the animal(s).

I have had both dogs and cats. The hardest and saddest time is when they get too sick and are suffering. I much prefer my animals die at home, but too often I have to have them put to sleep. I mourn my pets and miss them dearly.

I believe in God and I would like to believe I will see my treasured pets again when I die...that is if I end up in heaven. I want to believe they have souls and do not just lie in obscurity. The probability of them having souls is unsubstantiated; with most arguing the only ones who have a soul is man. I have never had a pet come back to let me know there is an afterlife for them, but then I never had anyone I know come back either. Therefore, I chose to conclude I will see my pets when I die and I actually look forward to saying here kitty, kitty or here boy and watch them come running. I want to believe because it makes death a little less fearful.

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