Turning a time-waster into a Spanish language learning tool!

This post is about television...the boob-tube....the object of the couch potato....the nemesis of many students.  We all know that television (including netflix, hulu +, roku, and even DVDs) can be real time-wasters.   When we need a brain-break, or just need to chill out, the TV can be so attractive!  Yeah, I know what I'm talking about because I've been there too.
Here's a quick tip for advancing your Spanish language learning:  the next time you are in the mood for an old favorite movie, try switching the sound track to your foreign language, but leave the subtitles in English.  As you listen to the dialogue, your brain 'receives' the meaning via subtitles.  What you are listening to, then, is "comprehensible input" which is absolutely key to effective language learning.  In addition, you hear and internalize the sounds of the language, which will benefit your pronunciation and your comprehension as well.
If you have cable or satellite, you can turn your station to a Spanish station, and you may be surprised to find familiar programs that have been dubbed in Spanish.  For intermediate to advanced learners, why not try one of those famous Spanish language 'telenovelas' (soap operas), popular with all ages and both genders in latin america?  Telenovelas in Spanish are of much shorter duration than U.S. soap operas (typically they run start to finish in 3 - 6 months) but are just as formulaic and predictable as the soaps here, which make them also a good language learning tool.
The next time you need a brain break, why not turn on something that will amuse you and give your brain a different kind of workout?  Give it a try and let me know what happens:)


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