Having this Attitude of Believing and Staying Focused Goes a Long Way!

While I am pursing my doctorate degree, I tutor math and reading with a student. It is true that many students do not like math and reading. But we all do math and reading in our daily living. As we go about our daily walk, we read to understand and we use numbers to calculate things mentally and physically. For instance, when we go shopping, we use math mentally to see if we can pay.  Also, when we drive, we read road signs.  So in our daily walk, we continue to use math and reading subtly because they are omnipresent.  So students need to realize that we encounter math and reading because they are part of our daily living. So I encourage my students to believe and stay focused which will help them to achieve anything they are doing at the moment.


Linda H.

Patient & Knowledgeable 3rd Year Doctoral Student of Regent University

100+ hours
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