How to be successful at tutoring....

Hi everyone!! My name is Faraz and I started tutoring 7 months ago.  I have another business selling used laboratory equipment but business had gotten really slow.  Prior to this, I was working full time.  I was laid off and that was fine because I was doing well in my business selling used lab equipment.  Anyway with the down economy, I just didn't have the sales I used to have and money was running thin.  I have always worked full time and kept the part time business so was doing OK for myself.  
I got the idea to start tutoring.  Initially I started applying at different tutoring companies.  They all paid about 20-22/hour.  I would do all the work they were getting all the money.  I knew this wasn't going to work.  I have always been somewhat independent.  I have always enjoyed making something out of nothing.  I did that with my lab equipment business.  I thought I would try it here as well.  Anyway what did I have to lose.  If I wasn't good at it, I wouldn't do it again.  
Anyway my first job was with this kid who was failing Calculus.  He was failing BAD.  He scored a 39 on his test and his mother didn't know what to do.  I had tutored my friends in college which was about 10 years ago, and I had forgotten most of the calculus I had learned.  I went the first day, and I was almost lost.  I couldn't believe how much I had forgotten.  I was kind of ashamed at myself.  I went home and studied it.  It didn't take long to come back.  I went back the next day and helped him out quite a bit.  His mother then asked me to come everyday for 2 hours a day.  This was my first job tutoring.  In the end, this student scored a B in the final 6 weeks.  You may say a B is not that great and yes it was just OK.  What he did accomplish was that he scored a 4 out of 5 on the AP Calculus AB exam.  He received college credit for the course.  He ended up with a C as the final grade because of his previous 2 6 weeks grade was about a D average.  
I couldn't believe I helped him get college credit.  I was kind of shocked.  His mother was so happy with the C and the 4 out of 5 on the AP exam.  :)  We still keep in touch and he was probably one of my most favorite students. 
Anyway, enough about me.  I would like to offer my advice about how you can be a good tutor yourself.  A good tutor can charge whatever he wants and people will pay whatever he asks.  I currently charge 75.00/hour.  I get about 3 emails a day from new students who are asking me to tutor them or their kids.  I don't have the time because I have so many regulars getting me on a recurring basis.  
This is what I did to get students like this as well as charge basically whatever I want.  I have people begging me to come at 75.00/hr and I am even considering raising my rate.  
1.  First I wrote a long profile.  I told every thing about myself.  I said where I was from.  I was born here, etc etc.
2.  I then listed my accomplishments.  I listed the 4 out of 5 on the AP exam.  I listed some of the top private schools in Houston who use me as a tutor.  I listed how I have taught both college and high school students.  
3.  Everyone I see I ask them to leave me a review of the session.  I have them write out what they thought about it.  
4.  I also listed when I was low on hours that my rate was negotiable.  I let people negotiate.  I tried not to turn anyone down.  If it wasn't far I would even take a lower rate if I didn't have to travel far.  Many people sent me a price that they could afford to pay.  Being low on hours, I rarely ever said no.  
This is basically how I did it.  I know it may not work for everyone, but this is what worked for me.  I chose a low rate initially and worked it up as necessary.  


Faraz R.


2750+ hours
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