Multiplying tips

Hello everyone, it's been a while since I updated this blog, but I'd like to give a few tips to parents for helping their kids get ready for multiplication and division.
If you are introducing the concept of multiplication:
Explain to your child that multiplication is an easy way add up the same number
Example: You could take a whole bunch of pencils, let's say 6, and split them up into three groups of two.
Have the child add each of the groups up:
||     +      ||        +     ||
2      +      2         +     2  = 6
Now, explain to the child, that multiplying is taking all the plus signs and replacing it with (x)
To construction the multiplication, have them count how many are in each group: 2
Then have them  count how many groups of two they have: 3
2 (Number in each group) x 3 (how many groups) = 6
Explain to them also that addition and multiplication will come out with the same answer.
To parents whose students are struggling in learning their multiplication tables:
Do practice drills! Start out small, such as do 1's, 2's and 3's times tables. Have your child repeat them to you, or you say them and they say the answer.
Have them write down the times table multiple times. Time them, see how well they do against the clock. Make it a game!
Say it, write it, drill it, practice it.
Practice makes perfect!
Hope this helps, parents! And remember don't give up!
I'm available for online tutoring if anyone is wishing for assistance.


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