Attitude is Everything

I teach Math and Reading at my local community college part-time.  The one thing students say most often is, "I don't do math."  Whether we realize it or not, we ALL "do" math each and every day.  When we determine what time we must get up in order to get somewhere on time, we must utilize elapsed time, working with numbers.  When we consider whether we can afford to buy something at the store, we are using mental math.  When we are playing video games, we are doing calculations in our heads to determine the best strategy.  Math is everywhere.  If it wasn't for math, think of things we would be doing without:  television, computers, space travel.  The list goes on and on, so instead of saying, "I don't do math," say instead, "I am bigger than this problem.  I can and will figure it out."  Believing you can ensures that you will.  Attitude is everything.


Sandra W.

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