Mastering a Challenging Concept

It can be gravely frustrating when you do not understand something. You may want to give up, you may be fed up, you may say to yourself this just is not be for me, BUT DON’T! You can always figure it out! If you find yourself getting very frustrated take a break for a few minutes, get some food, take your mind off of what you are doing for just 10 minutes. By taking that break your mind can reset and recover from intense frustration. That 10-minute break may be what your brain needs to think about that problem in different way so that you can solve it. When it is a concept you just do not get, and reading the book and going over practice problems has not worked, ask someone for some help. That is probably the best advice I can give, to not be too proud to ask for help! When you ask for help, your friend/parent/tutor may be able to explain the concept in a different way than your teacher can and that might just be what sets that light bulb off inside your head! Just remember, its ok to ask for help, we all need help at one point or another!



Great advice, I have never consciously thought to take a break. I usually plow through regardless of how tired I get. I probably would have grasped some concepts sooner if I had used your advice.

I have the following advice in all my journals: "think you can, or think you cannot, you are always right.” I believe this with all my heart. I will incorporate a ten-minute break to help reduce some of the headaches associated with the "I know I can" mentality.

Thank you for sharing. I am happy I found your article. It has been a great learning day, today.


Megan H.

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