Common Application software issues


If the problems with Common App software are affecting you or your child, perhaps the easiest way to do an end run around it is. . .don't use Common App.  Elite colleges all have their own application forms as well, and with more money behind them, they won't be subject to this level of software-based misery.  In addition, particularly if you are interested in quirky or liberal arts schools, I'd advise using the college's individual form in preference to Common App anyway.  It will show commitment to the school, and you, the student, can read between the lines of what questions they ask to get more insights into whether a particular school is a good fit for you.  This may be helpful come April if you have multiple offers and need to make a good choice with the information to hand.
Yes, it's more writing, but personally I'd far rather write a little more than wrestle with buggy software that's been inadequately beta-tested, especially for something this high stakes.
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