Struggling with Coins???

Many young students struggle with the concepts of money, especially coins.  They struggle because the size of a dime is smaller in diameter than a penny and a nickel, but is worth more.  They struggle because counting by 10's then 5's can get confusing.
One way I help students to identify coins value is by creating a chart.  The chart lists the value of each coin and then, I have them help me to create different ways to make the same coin.  For example, two dimes and one nickel equals one quarter.  After the chart is created we then play a game called make $0.50.  The kids roll dice and then create that amount in coins.  If they have enough to trade up for a bigger valued coin, then they trade.  The goal is to obtain two quarters.
This is a fun way for kids to learn the value of coins, count by 10's and 5's more quickly and identify coins quicker.


Paula O.


100+ hours
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