Mastering organic chemistry

Every student that I have tutored in organic chemistry asks me how I became adept at this rather challenging subject.  I tell them all the same thing: use your resources. A teaching professor that I worked with taught me from his many years of teaching experience, when a student utilizes at least seven resources, their mastery of the subject of organic chemistry increases (linearly), i.e., the average improvement was one to two letter grades over the course of a semester.  These resources include, but are not limited to, going to class, reading the text, taking and reading over notes from class, attending study groups, outside tutoring, supplemental instruction (SI), reading a concise supplemental text, working problems, etc.
Organic chemistry is a difficult subject to understand when you are taking it for the first time (and after!). To become successful at, and to truly master organic chemistry at the level required for graduate school or medical school admission, one must immerse them-self in the subject. I believe, as do others, that comprehension of organic chemistry helps you to become a better thinker, capable of understanding how many variables affect one outcome.
I hope that this information will help you in your trek through organic chemistry and your other challenging courses as well.
Study on!


Matthew B.

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