How do I get a great tutor?

Many tutors are young, most in college and do not have much experience in tutoring, clients are not willing to pay them as much as tutors with more experience. Likewise, most young people do not value their time as much as those with more experience do.

About 80% of effective tutoring is social skills that are not often developed through experience. You can find good junior tutors at a low price if you try out a few tutors and take a chance on someone green. However, effective junior tutors quickly find their services in high demand and start raising their prices. If budgeting is a concern, there are talented junior tutors out there at a rate you can probably afford. You’ll have to do the legwork and find them before they get established.

After a couple of years, some successful junior tutors become professional tutors and others are out of the tutoring market. The professional tutors possess impressive credentials including advanced degrees and high test scores that make them more appealing to clients. They possess a wide array of applicable social skills and are excellent communicators, patient, enthusiastic, friendly, self-motivated, and extremely organized. Professional tutors get results!

Great tutors love working with their students and don’t choose to tutor to become wealthy – the rates they charge are, more than anything else, an economic necessity to keep doing the job that they love. If you want to get great tutors, make sure you hire them early in the year, as their schedules fill up quickly.


Great post! And, one in which I can relate. Thank you and sincerely, Dr. M. King.


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