How I became passionate about the Spanish language

I discovered my passion for the Spanish language on a church trip to the Dominican Republic ten years ago while serving a group of amazing people there. At the time I was a junior at Western Michigan University and was majoring in Creative Writing. I had only taken a few years of Spanish in high school and was very shaky with speaking. However, something amazing happened while I was there! I found myself being able to communicate and slowly understand. A little boy named Jorge was sitting with my friend and I one night and slowly repeating  "estrella" when it suddenly clicked. I have little Jorge to thank for igniting that passion in me. I went on to double major in Spanish and Creative Writing, then continue to get my Master's degree in Spanish literature. Through the years I have lived in Santander, Spain; Queretaro, Mexico, and finally Barcelona, Spain for the past five years. My husband (who is Spanish) and I just moved back to Michigan and are starting a new life here.
There is no doubt Spanish is becoming ever more present in our culture, and because of that, it is a great idea to study Spanish at any age. Whatever your needs may be--grammar, to improve listening skills, practice conversation, or just a bit of general review, please feel free to contact me. I hope I can help you love the Spanish language as much as I do!


Kristen R.

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