PROBLEMS with TENSE are just a matter of PERSPECTIVE!

Students that have to overcome the obstacle of using proper grammar in their writing are constantly complaining about the confusion of verb tense. One of the best ways to remember tense is to read and write on a consistent basis. I recently had a session with a college level student that became very frustrated with the simple present, present perfect, and present continuous. I reminded the student to use reading aloud as an audio technique to hear the sentence flow as a way to gain momentum on tense. The second way that a student may be able to jump this hurdle is to follow the examples and conjugation boxes in their grammar guide or workbook. Lastly, the student may be able to construct their own tense model on a piece of colored 12x9 construction poster board and paste it on their wall in their personal living space. Tip: Present continuous is present progressive; the verb + ing.


Shelley T.

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