How did you master a subject or concept that challenged you in school?

When I was in high school, I was actually in the running start program for my junior and senior year. Running start is a program that allows students to pursue their AA degree at a local community college while graduating from high school at the same time. One of my high school requirements that I had to complete, while doing running start, was math, which I had always struggled with, and this time I was expected to complete my course at the community college. I was terrified to say the least, and the first math test I took didn't go so well. I believe it was the lowest test score I had ever had. 
After that first test I buckled down, and started doing all of my math homework in the tutoring center (a place where you can sit and do homework, and if you need any help you can write your name and course on the board, and a tutor will come around to assist you). I didn't just rely on my tutors though; I also began doing not just the homework, but bonus questions as well. I would work for hours on an assignment, just looking for different problems that would help me master the material. I put a lot of time, and dedication into doing well in my math course, and I ended up leaving that class with an outstanding A-, a grade that was only achieved through hard work, patience, and persistence. 


Breanna E.

Tutoring in English Literature (Reading, Writing, Grammar, etc.)

100+ hours
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