Mastering Microeconomics

The first year of my Masters program I had to take microeconomics.  I had actively avoided taking microeconomics all throughout my undergraduate career.  Now I had to take it.  Boy, was I scared!  On the first test I got a 59.  This was the lowest score out of two class sections!  After speaking with the professor, I began to go to study sessions with teacher assistants as well as going to the professor with questions during office hours.  But the most successful activities were the changes in how I studied.  First, I began studying a little bit of microeconomics every night rather than just one night a week.  Second, I would go to my classroom during off hours and write out questions (and their answers) that were giving me a hard time on the board.  I would reason my way through the question and then compare it to the correct answers.  This allowed me to see where my thinking was off.  Third, I would get the old tests, cut out the questions and put them in a hat.  Then I
would pick out questions and make up a test similar to the one I would be taking in a couple of weeks (Yes! I began studying for tests two weeks in advance.)  I would then take this test in the same classroom as the one in which I would be taking the real test. 

While all this required a lot of dedication, it worked.  I ended up with an A on the next exam and a B
in the class!


Colleen L.

Professor for Writing including Theses and Dissertations

300+ hours
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