A Great Fall Semester so far - All my students are excelling in School

What a great semester this turning out to be so far.  My students vary from grade 2 - grade 12.  My grade 2 students struggle with long and short vowel sounds and their spellings and pronunciations.  One is doing so much better after a few weeks, that I was able to begin helping her improve her Reading Comprehension skills.  I let you know how that goes soon.  I also assist her with Mathematics.  She struggled a bit with 2 digit subtractions.  Even that is improving.
My other grade 2 student is spelling much better and enjoys learning new 'big' words.  The other grade 2 student is still in the phase of learning to add and subtract well, but is improving each week.  My grade 8 student has began the semester in school with high 80s in Mathematics and Science.  She has never loved Science, but she told me that I make learning Science 'fun'.  So proud of her.  My grade 7 student, who is her cousin, is writing much better than before.  However, I had to add another session to help him practice and improve Linear equations and Inequalities.  I had him practice a combination of Prealgebra and Geometry exercises.  He seems so much more confident and does not need that extra session anymore.
One of my High School student who failed school last year now has an 83 average in school.  All my Global History, US History and Earth Science Students are doing so much better in school.  Their writing have improved and their knowledge of the topics have improved quite a bit.  All six of my SAT students are going into the exam this weekend, much more confident than they have ever been. My three now grade 5 students are beginning the semester with much more confidence and determination.
There are more students than I can mention in this blog.  I am so proud of all my students and their parents and the diligence we have all dedicated to making this semester a success so far.


Gilant P.

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