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Save over $38,000 on college? How you may ask? Well, in my neck of the woods, I'm not just your average Wyzant Tutor of 5 years, I'm also a College Career Guidance Tutor. For many of my 11th and 12th grade students I suggest 3 important methods to save parents tens of thousands of dollars on college tuition, with the helpful byproduct of completing college a year early! And, who would want that?!?
Tip #1: AP classes in high school not only prepare you for a college curriculum, but when you take the AP test, you get college credit. [13 credit hours here in just 4 classes between 11th and 12th grade] Savings $13,000
Tip #2: Most Community Colleges allow concurrent enrollment in college courses in the 12th grade year. Just take 1 college computer class (for example) each semester in the evening. Take more if you can, it's 1/10th the cost of a 4-yr college! [6 credit hours] Savings: $5,400
Tip #3: This is the BIG ONE. No one ever seems to remember--CLEP TESTS. They cost $85 at the Community College (if you are enrolled there $110 if you are not--hence why the concurrent enrollment ;-) I had a 47 year old classmate take 12 of them for 36 credit hours (a whole year of college!!!) What do I suggest? Just aim for 7 CLEP tests in English, Humanities, History, Government, Math, and Science. If you missed the AP class in high school get your credits this way. Each test takes 2 weeks to study for. I teach CLEP test prep course at 4 hrs/wk/subject [21 credit hours]  Savings: $20,000
Total College Credit Hours Earned: 40
(you are 1/3rd thru with your college degree before you ever start!!!)
Status Entering College: 2nd Semester Sophomore
Total $$$ Saved: $38,400
This is the most important blog you have ever read. Contact me for more information or training on how you can save $$$thousands on your college-bound student.
Teodor M. (Tulsa, Ok) 
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