Doing my part to serve my country…..ASVAB student aces the exam!!!

        There is no greater joy than to help people learn and to share the knowledge that I have been blessed with.  On top of that…..knowing that I am helping this country’s future leaders and heroes achieve their dreams is like extra special.

         On Monday evening I picked up the phone to hear nothing but excitement and satisfaction from one of my students…."I passed and got 18 points higher than what I needed to get"
          Just earlier that day this student had called me panicking about getting news that he had to get a certain minimum score to even be considered.  He was frustrated, confused, and was agonizing over the fact that he just learned this.  I reassured him that he could do this and to not focus about what he had just learned. We went over some of his weaknesses over the phone (fractions, decimals,and ratios) and I left him with words of encouragement and instilled more confidence in him.

          He worked extremely hard and listened to the nuggets of wisdom that I provided him throughout our time together.  I’m excited and humbled to know that I am helping some of the brightest and most
talented achieve their dreams.

          This adds to the list of students that I have helped reach the service.  I have sent one to the Army and now one to the Navy.  The Navy is getting a good guy who is ready to serve his country. 

           Within the next few weeks, I am hoping to send at least two or three more to the Air
Force, Navy, and Army.

           To all of those interested in serving their country….I know that I can help you reach
your goal. …allow me to help you serve your country :)



         Congratulations and kudos to you for a job well done! It is great to hear that you are not only helping others realize and reach their full potential but also giving the tools and encouragement to succeed in both their lives and daily endeavors. You are doing a tremendous service to those who want to help serve their country. You indeed have a special gift, and it is great that you are using it well. Keep up the great work!
                                                                                                Corey D. Dejon-Dibrell
                                                                                                (a fellow Wyzant tutor)


Simone J.

MBA+Full Time Tutor+Decade of Exp..K-Adult..Test Prep, Math, and more

4250+ hours
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