Quick Tips for New or Aspiring Tutors

Becoming a tutor is a very rewarding experience. If you are interested in beginning a new journey as a person aspiring to touch the lives of students you should practice the following effective techniques. 
1-Although you may be extremely knowledgeable and/or passionate about one or two subjects try to become well versed with a few additional subjects; chances are when you are offered a tutoring job for one subject your student will ask for help with other subjects they may struggle with in the near future. 
2-When working with a student be careful not to use negative comments. For example, if a student gets a word problem wrong do not directly correct them by saying "you are wrong." Try putting a spin on words of encouragement such as "You are on the right track. Let me show you how to figure out the answer." Negative comments will only further discourage a student who is probably already internally suffering from failure. 
3-Put an interesting spin on learning. If you are working with elementary students try using games such as 'Mad Libs' to help them practice English while having fun. For older students incorporate learning games online. Students love using technology for any reason at all! 
So there you have it! Three quick tips for tutoring! If you are interested in more tips send me a message and I will be happy to help! I have been actively tutoring for two years and it is always a learning experience! 


Aisha F.

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