Good Afternoon everyone,
I know it's been some time that I have been on this site but I don't really think I have made a post in regards to what I do or how I've been doing since my last students.
As it stands, I have changed to a Psychology major at my University. However, I am planning on relocating from Arkansas to Florida in the coming months. I do work a part time, almost full time, job and am looking to be transferred. 
I have a working tablet so if needed, I can always use that for writing and examples.
As the holiday season approaches, my time tutoring will be cut down due to my job. It is a retail job and therefore my time will be limited to outside activities and extra tutoring.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, do not hesitate to ask. 
Thank you,


Staphani B.

Patient and Knowledgeable Tutor

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