NCLEX - Managing Test Anxiety

When taking an exam such as the NCLEX it is normal to feel anxious.  The hours of this exam represent a significant investment in terms of your time, energy and finances.  So of course you want to get it over and move on with your life. Many of my students tell me that they panic during the exam especially if they are going beyond the 75 question mark. Students have to understand that this is a "high stakes exam" and they have to develop some strategies to help manage their anxiety.  Here are a few suggestions:
1. Create a picture of you taking your exam. Visualize that you are successful
2. Practice some relaxation exercises for those  panicky moments - try smiling and remain positive
3 Take some deep breaths and exhale slowly.
4 I can do this - reinforce this positive thought throughout the exam
5. Avoid distractions - no - you cannot text your friend for the answer 
6 Focus -Focus -Focus
Happy Exam
Dr. Harriette


Harriette B.

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