Breaking up is easy

It can be overwhelming and anxiety-producing when you think about all the material you are supposed to know to do well on a test. A good way to stop the madness of negative stress, which can lead to procrastination is to break up what you need to study into smaller parts. It's super easy!

If you have a test, for example, and it will cover 8 chapters, you should be thinking, "I have 1 week to be prepared, so I can study hard two chapters a night (minimum) or all every night and the night before the test I'll do just a great review of all the chapters." If you study too far in advance, you will not retain properly. If you study to close to test day, you will be cramming and will not retain properly. Break your information up into smaller chunks to make your brain happy and keep you from unnecessary negative stress.

If you have 14 chapters to study, study 3-4 chapters a day/night. You get the picture. A solid week (5-6 days) is an excellent amount of time to fully and well prepare for middle school and high school subject tests. Elementary school should not require such time investments as the amount of information should be much less. A test covering up to 3 chapters (and this is a very big test indeed in primary school) should take no more than 4 days' preparation in primary school.

Breaking up information to study is easy and helps your brain work better.


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