The Best Way to Learn Math Facts is NOT Flashcards!

I have worked with students who had difficulty learning math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) for years.  Let's face it, it's boring to sit and learn facts, especially with flashcards!  I remember sitting night after night with my mother, her flashing the problems to me over and over and they just wouldn't stick!  I would cry and get so frustrated and I just wanted it to be OVER!
You don't have to do that to your children.  Research states that the best way to teach these skills is through games.  There are a variety of math websites on the internet that can help your child learn their facts by playing fairly easy games.  Sometimes they are more challenging and time your child if they are a bit more advanced, or they initially teach them a fact family at one time.  Either way, playing games on a safe website is a much more effective way than using flashcards.  I can recommend some to you if you email me!
Another way is to play math board games or to give them brainteasers that involve math facts.  At the end of every math tutoring session, for about 15-20 minutes I play a game with my students.  I usually then leave the game with them so they can play with their family.  This works every time.  My math students improve exponentially and they love doing them!  I highly suggest getting games by doing a search on the web for "printable math games for multiplication" or whatever facts you wish to work on.  I swear by them!
So, do you want to deal with a crying, frustrated young person who hates working with you, or do you want them to ask you when the next time is that they get to do their math?  I thought so!


Susan C.

Veteran Teacher Available Specializing in Learning Difficulties

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