My Teaching Philosophy

I wanted to share my teaching philosophy for any individuals who are considering selecting me as their tutor. My teaching philosophy highlights my beliefs about learning as well as my teaching strategy (a strategy that focuses on active student engagement, applied exercises, and the use of analogies and examples to help learners grasp complex topics).
My Teaching Philosophy
Beliefs about human learning. 
I believe that, as a teacher, I am responsible for increasing subject matter knowledge and, more importantly, assisting students in connecting this knowledge to the real world and laterally across fields.  Learning should not, and cannot, exist in the absence of this integration.  A sole focus on surface level content (ex. facts and definitions) fails to meet the needs of students who wish to advance in the learning process.  Specifically, students need to progress to deeper levels of processing and understanding.  This will allow them to integrate what they have learned into their own knowledge base, create and update their learning schemas, and feel confident in their own ability to apply information to novel areas.
With respect to an environment that facilitates this type of learning, I believe the optimum environment for learning is one that fosters active participation and discussion while being facilitated and directed by an instructor with an overarching competency goal or theme. Further, I believe that active engagement and the use of analogies makes the learning process more effective and enjoyable.
Beliefs about human learning potential. 
I believe that human beings have the potential to do amazing things if they just push themselves to do so.  In my opinion, talent can be wasted, but motivation coupled with discipline can lead people to surpass expectations.  Thus, it is my opinion that people have a limitless potential for growth and development.


Robert B.

PhD Organizational Research Consultant with Statistics Expertise

20+ hours
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