High School A Change in Time

When many of us look at “ high schoolers”, we think this is a new generation. These youth may be different, but deep down they are still the same. They want acceptance, they want approval and they want to be noticed. I find that for each age level with which I work, high school students are the neediest.


They are often forgotten by adults, other than high school teachers. We expect so much from them, and give them so little time. When I was growing up, though I had both my mom and dad to turn to, my high school years were the most difficult. I was a reader, and I read almost anything I was given except my textbooks. My high school teachers though interested in me, had too many students and too little time. My peers were all interested in things I wasn’t, and I escaped into my world of books.


As I got older, I found myself stuck in this phase, still reading books that I read in high school. I am now a parent myself, and I find that I missed the boat with my child; I didn’t see the struggle that took place in high school. I say to parents today, take a deep look at your child/children. See them for who they are, and see the very difficult world in which they live. Give them the time that it takes to grow up, recognize that the blustering and smart mouth behavior is all bravado to show you that they are in charge, when they really are not.


Take time to know your child, forge ahead regardless if they seem disinterested, they really are. If you really look hard, you will see that 2 year old, that once held onto your leg because they were afraid. Afterall isn't that who we all are deep down?



Kim C.

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