What I learned...

The projects assigned in this class along with the instruction given gave me many ideas of how to assign creative projects in my classroom so that students are working with technology while maintaining a strong sense of motivation to learn the material in the classroom. But, with all this technology in use I still believe that learning the technology will take away from learning the actual content that needs to be taught. Teachers may get caught up in teaching the technology, that they may have to teach themselves first, and will lose time teaching the literature or grammer that was originally the origin of the project or lessen. I think that if I were going to use the technology in the classroom through any of the methods that I learned in this class, I would use it as a teaching method such as if I were to use a video, I would produce it myself to relay information to my class. I think that by having the students produce their own projects through technology would take too much time.
But I do think that some of the projects that were assigned could be beneficial for assigning projects. The podcast would be something that I may have my students work on to produce something by themselves. In my high school, our English teachers did have us produce our own podcasts. One project that we did was research of a grammatical token such as a semi-colon or a comma. We then recorded ourselves about the correct and incorrect uses of the tokens and then submitted them to a website. All the work was done in the classroom and we simply recorded ourselves; there was no use of interviews or creative music in the background. The teacher was the only person that ever heard the podcasts and from the memory of making my own, they probably were not as great as the ones we were assigned to do in WRH 325. The teacher was focusing on the content and did not want to waste too much time with this project.
I enjoyed this class and I learned a lot of inventive ways that I can relay information to my students to keep them interested in what they are learning. English classrooms have been based on relaying information through a book or through lecture. Visuals are given to us by acting out scenes in a book or in other ways that are typically produced by the students drawing a picture of their own, but in this growing age of technology, English classrooms rarely use the new methods to relay information. With this class, I can go into my classroom and have various ways to keep the student entertained while also teaching them the content.


Iesha T.

English Teacher Against the Red Pen

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