Benefit of learning Spanish!

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States and the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world! It is the official language of nearly twenty countries spoken by more than 500 million people. Spanish is the second language of international communication, and is increasingly used in economics, politics and cultural relations.
The rapidly growing number of students studying Spanish throughout the world have reported these reasons and benefits:
1. Better job opportunities
2. Improved memory
3. Aging more slowly (it has been scientifically-proven that learning a new language can delay the age-related decline in mental function, particularly as experienced in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s!)
4. Conquering that special person's heart (why not learn to speak with your loved one in their own language?)
5. Sense of personal accomplishment
6. Career advancement
7. Making more money
8. Reaching new markets
9. Making new friends
10. Just for the thrill of it!


I believe you made a good case. The facts you quoted are important and persuasive. I believe I made a wise investment to study Spanish and interact with various latinos and cultures for nine years. I will continue to share my passion and knowledge by tutoring Spanish to those with a desire to learn.
Thank you Tawan! I really appreciate your comments about my blog. I am sure you made a wise investment studying Spanish and please continuo sharing your passion and knowledge with others.


Lorna L.

Passionate, Knowledgeable, Patient & Fun Native Spanish Tutor!

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