The Reading Whiz

My first grade student blew me away today. He not only read the word, 'interesting,' all by himself -- but he also knew exactly how many syllables it has!  After a full year tutoring, we have a great connection and each weekly session has its surprises.  I find I learn from my students, just as they learn from me.  Age does not seem to matter, each individual has his or her own personality and interests.
We read a book about bats today.  With terms like hibernation and echolocation, it was inevitable that we discussed a few definitions during the reading.  First graders can be quite inquisitive, and we were pressed for time.  So, I continued reading and before we finished, I learned something I did not know.  Of course, I knew the early American settlers once lived in 'colonies.'  Somehow, though, it never occurred to me that large groups of bats also live in colonies!  I also never thought about how the closeup photos in the book were taken... of course, a first grader wants to know exactly how the page is filled with a closeup of a colony of vampire bats showing all their fangs!
I'm a tutor but I don't know everything.  My best guess was, "well, I suppose somebody must have put a camera in there to take photos of the bats when they were trying to go to sleep."  
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