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I love learning, but I didn't necessarily like all of the teaching methods that were used on me and my fellow students, like lecturing, or simply reading from a PowerPoint, or having the students read in a textbook and answer questions.  That isn't really learning, it's more like busy work.  In today's society, information can be found on any cell phone, computer, or iPad.  A teacher/tutor's job is not to just give students information, our job is to teach the students how to think critically and rationally about what they are learning.  My methods of teaching and tutoring involve one-on-one time in which the student and teacher (and parents if they want to help) work together to create a great learning plan.  You've got the motivation and potential, Don't let yourself be robbed of a great future because of an imperfect educational setting.


I know I just list English and Reading, because those are my easiest subjects, but I'm great with history, writing, some math, science, languages, photography, dance, and lots more!  Let me tutor you so I can show you how much fun learning can be, even with our hardest subjects.


Elizabeth D.

Ahh English: the comprehension, reading, writing, editing, and grammar

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