Making Learning Fun

Why does learning have to be boring?  Most kids struggle in school because they are unmotivated, not engaged, and embarrassed.  Unmotivated because they haven't found the connection to what they are learning about and their own lives.  Not engaged-well, unfortunately most schools are set up in a traditional setting with desks and books; and a lot of students don't learn in that setting.  Embarrassed- many are confused or struggling and are afraid to ask for help because of their peers.  
I've created a way for students to learn in fun and engaging ways!  With a little competition, and a simple game such as Connect Four, my students start spelling words they never thought they could spell!  Playing Jenga was never so serious until there was a challenging task to meet if and when that tower falls! 
As well as being a certified elementary school teacher, I'm also a certified personal trainer.   With my business I work with families and teach them how to have fun together challenging themselves in an obstacle course and learning about nutrition at the same time!


Christine M.

Fun, Energetic and Creative Tutor looking for Clients

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