Planning ahead

The beginning of a new school year is always exciting, however there is an end to that year as well with final exams, possibly graduation and NCLEX exams as you prepare to become a professional nurse. Now is the time to put a good study plan in place.  Your plan should be built on a solid foundation of a positive attitude, the belief that yes, you can and will achieve your goals, and measures for control.  You should also make a list of realistic short and long term goals with manageable time frames and outcomes.  The nursing process can be used to help guide you in preparing a plan for success: 
Assessment - Make a thorough assessment of you - where are you in your program- how are your grades - what
                    are the problems or difficulties that you are facing - what are the things that you need to change-
                    improve - discard?
Analysis     -  Look at your program critically - determine your level of satisfaction with the program - Does it feel
                    right for you - are you doing what you want to do?
Planning -      Set your goals - make up your lists - identify steps for achieving these - they should be divided
                    into both short and long term goals, should be realistic, achievable, have set time frames and
                    objective outcomes
Implementation- Put your plan into action - make a commitment to stick to the plan - make time - do not be
                          easily distracted - do not become frustrated
Evaluation -   Evaluate your plan at least every 3 months - see if you are achieving your goals - there may be a
                    a need to tweak the plan, make minor changes or even make a new plan.
Happy Fall Semester
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