An Adventure

Do you look forward to each session of tutoring?  Have you ever considered tutoring to be an adventure?  I was telling my husband last night that one aspect of teaching that really excites me is that each and every lesson has at least one positive surprise.  It may be a comment that the student makes relative to a lesson from two months ago.  Ah, yes!  She did listen to me!  It may be a small gesture like a cup of "chai," or a peek at some family photos.  Sometimes it is helpful to spend just a few minutes outside of the lesson chatting about a special weekend either you or the student had, or to take a walk around the block.  Do this over and above lesson time. It need not be long.  Naturally, this time will not be counted; it is a "gift." I have found that a comfortable and happy student is more productive.  When the student knows the tutor, just a little, as a real person better interaction is possible within the lesson.  Each will understand better how to communicate with the other.  Have a good lesson today!  Look forward to the lesson with anticipation.
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