Study Vocabulary

The most important part of preparation to go back to school is to keep a list of vocabulary words related to each subject, define those words, and use them in a sentence.  Doing this one thing will almost ensure a student of making good grades in the school year.  This is because many tests at elementary and high school level are vocabulary questions, such as matching, fill in the blank, or define.  If a student is not very familiar with the vocabulary of a subject, that student cannot hope for more than an "average" grade.  However, if a student will apply himself and learn relevant vocabulary, he will excel.  
For example, in social studies, what is meant by "latitude" and "longitude"?  
In science, what is meant by "density" and "atomic structure"?  
In math, what is meant by "place value" or "least common multiple"?  
In reading, what is meant by "genre" or "details"?  
In English, what is meant by "preposition" or "predicate"?  
If a student is weak in knowing what words mean, they cannot be strong in test achievement.


Judy L.

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