Preparation for Returning Back To School

No matter what level or grade you or your child may be returning to, there are always a few key tips that can help prepare for success.
Step One: Take just a few minutes a day to get yourself back in the study habit. That is, when you come home spend about 15 to 30mins organizing a study chart for assignments or just reading.
Step Two: Once the chart is in place, then stick to the schedule--update the schedule every week like for instance on a Sunday afternoon.

Step Three: Read, read, and read. Even reading a simple article in the newspaper, keeps your brain functioning at optimal level.

Step Four: Find your trouble areas. For instance, if you are a weak writer or reader, then engage yourself in practicing writing sentences or crossword puzzles (Hint: all crosswords come in all levels and age groups).
Step Five: Find a tutor. If you are unsure of how to manage your study time, or how to sharpen your weaker skills, then find a tutor. They are here to help.
And most of all, remember that it only takes a few minutes a day to prepare yourself to succeed. 


Anna D.

Doctoral Candidate With a Passion For Tutoring

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