Your grades = Your pay

Would you ever work at a job really hard (you're not a volunteer) and be totally OK with not being paid or being paid really terribly? What if you worked really hard at a job with terrible equipment that may or may not work properly or may even be missing altogether but your supervisor still expected you to produce excellent results? Wouldn't this really tick you off? How long would you actually keep that job?
Being a student is the    exact     same      thing.  As a student, you are an employee and your paycheck is your grades. You have rights to earn the best grades possible and in order to do so, you must exercise your rights. This means you must be actively involved in your own performance and communication in each class (job) with each teacher (supervisor).
Here is my idea of a Student's Bill of Rightness:
  • You have the right to talk to your teachers to get understandable directions so you can accurately complete your assignments. - Yes, talk to them, be known, let them know you are serious
  • You have the right to have the materials and resources available to actually complete assignments. - Yes, you are responsible for getting books and anything else you'll need to do your assignments
  • You have the right to ask questions until you understand and if you don't get answers that help you, then you ask to speak to someone else. Yes, it's not your teacher's fault you've waited or failed to get help. If your teacher isn't teaching you well....get someone else!!
  • You have the right to expect quality so you can produce it. Yes, ask for help/clarity, get materials/resources, do read first then write and repeat this process a gazillion times! 
If you do not take a proactive approach as a student (employee), then when you get your grades (paycheck), you must place a large portion of blame on yourself. I promise you that one day when you do have a job and are earning money, supervisors won't tolerate excuses for incomplete or poor performances. You just get replaced. Start now taking ownership in your role as a student (employee) and have power over your grades (pay).


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