Read BEFORE you write

How many times have you started working on a questionnaire, test or worksheet only to realize half way through that you didn't need to do some of the work you've done or that you don't have the right book to finish the assignment. Here's a great way to avoid unnecessary work, wasting time or being unprepared to actually complete assignments correctly.
Read all of the assignment before you ever write a word. For example, if you have a lab to complete and you've been given a worksheet with questions you must fill-in as you go along in your experiment, read the whole worksheet first. Make sure you understand the questions. Make sure you have the proper materials or resources to actually complete the assignment. Sometimes, when you are completing a worksheet you actually have answers to some of the earlier questions later in the worksheet. Work with wisdom. 
It's OK to skip around and answer what you do know and come back to what you must research or figure out. Always go back over the whole worksheet or quiz or whatever it is you're working on when you think you're done in case you may have missed a question. You have the right to take your time to do a quality job and if you give yourself permission to read to be prepared to answer with correct information, you will feel much better about your performance, reduce unhealthy stress and increase your confidence.   


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