The reasons why one should learn Spanish.

One reason is because Spanish is one of the main languages that English is based on. In point of fact about 70% of the words in the English language are Spanish.  For this reason, Spanish is easy to learn. For example, the lasso is a Spanish word for a rope which is used to catch animals such as cattle. Some words like "incredible" are the same in English as they are in Spanish and they mean the same too. Others such as "importante" are almost the same in Spelling with the exception that you add an "e" to the end and the meaning is exactly the same as in English. There are also words that the Spanish have adapted from the English language such as Fax and cassette.  While it is true that the verb endings can be a pain to figure out, eventually you see the patterns in them and they become easier too. Also the verb endings do all the work for you in a sentence because they tell you the subject in the verb ending. For example, "Camina a la tienda." It means he, she or you formal walk to the store. In this case, it doesn't really matter who the subject is as long as the action is taking place in the sentence. Which means that as long as you get the right verb  for the appropriate subject, you don't even have to use a subject in your sentence at all unless you wish to talk about someone.
                                                                Nancy N.


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